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As early as the time of Hippocrates, olive trees were considered very important both from a dietary point of view and for human health.
For this reason, Hellas (ancient Greece) was the major exporter of the beneficial effects of olive fruit, oil and leaves.
This theory has also been verified by the discovery on the Greek island of Santorini of fossilized olive leaves from 60,000 years ago. So, it does not take much imagination when talking to a Greek olive grower to know that these roots are in the MEDITERRANEAN DNA.

Fossilized olive leaves from a living tree 60,000 years ago on the Island of Santorini

Painting of Santorini Island in the Mediterranean sea

As you can understand, the Mediterranean diet is the focal point for improving the well-being of people with particular diseases, such as eating disorders.
This is why MAGISNAT decided to deepen and focus its studies on this topic and, specifically, on natural molecules, such as hydroxytyrosol.

In April 2022, a patent was published regarding a composition that comprises α-cyclodextrin and hydroxytyrosol and/or their nutraceutically acceptable derivatives, such as salts or esters, in particular for application as a food supplement or medical device, in alternative as a cosmetic mouthwash or traditional medicinal product of plant origin (botanical) or food for special medical purposes.

The composition is effective in preventing SARS-CoV-2 infection. The composition is suitable for an application as a spray or mouthwash. A related dispensing device is also described. The composition is also effective in contrasting halitosis in subjects that wear a mask for a prolonged period.

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