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The eBook “The Mediterranean Diet” offers a multifaceted perspective on the Mediterranean diet, bridging the realms of history, science, culture, and culinary artistry. It is a captivating journey that will inform, inspire, and whet your appetite for a deeper understanding of one of the world’s most celebrated diets.


  1. The Origins of the Mediterranean Diet: Explore the historical roots and evolution of the Mediterranean diet, tracing its beginnings from ancient civilizations to its modern-day interpretation.
  2. Omics Tests and the Mediterranean Diet: Discover the cutting-edge science behind personalized nutrition and the role of omics testing in tailoring the Mediterranean diet for the prevention of non-communicable diseases.
  3. Biodiversity Conservation in Sustainable Agriculture: Uncover the intricate relationship between the Mediterranean diet and sustainable agriculture, highlighting the importance of biodiversity conservation in preserving this culinary heritage.
  4. Typical Italian Dishes in Literature, Painting, Music, and Cinematography: Embark on a delectable journey through the arts as we explore how the Mediterranean diet has inspired and been celebrated in literature, painting, music, and cinematography.
  5. Gualtiero Marchesi: The Master of Modern Mediterranean Cuisine: Dive into the world of culinary excellence with a spotlight on Gualtiero Marchesi, a culinary visionary who modernized Mediterranean cuisine.
  6. Chef Marinella Penta De Peppo: Promoting Neapolitan Mediterranean Cuisine Worldwide: Witness the global impact of Neapolitan Mediterranean cuisine through the remarkable culinary journey of Chef Marinella Penta De Peppo.
  7. Pellegrino Artusi: Promoter of Mediterranean Cuisine Worldwide: Delve into the life and influence of Pellegrino Artusi, a culinary luminary who championed Mediterranean cuisine on a global scale.
  8. The Lunch Etiquette: A Moment of Social Gathering and Good Manners: Explore the social significance and etiquette surrounding Mediterranean lunches, emphasizing the communal aspect of dining.
  9. Italian Cuisine: An Exploration of History, Art, and Famous Recipes for Every Season: Take a gastronomic tour of Italy, as we uncover the historical, artistic, and seasonal facets of its renowned cuisine.
  10. Mediterranean Diet Bioactive Compounds: Understand the nutritional science behind the Mediterranean diet, focusing on its bioactive compounds and their potential health benefits.


In the postface, we delve into the captivating history of Achille Bertelli, a pioneering figure in the field of dietary science. Discover his remarkable contributions to the science and the enduring legacy he leaves behind. Moreover, the postface sheds light on the intriguing correlation between Achille Bertelli and Matteo Bertelli, a passionate researcher who shares the same fervor for the science. Inspired by Achille’s work, Matteo ventures into the world of dietary supplements and genetics wellness tests in the USA, making a profound impact on the future of personalized health.

The eBook will be available in the next months.

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