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MAGISNAT-RD is an important part of MAGISNAT.

The topics that are discussed in this section are research, development, and communication.

About research, MAGISNAT has always invested in new projects and resources; it is also putting a great effort into studying natural molecules and their possible applications to benefit people affected by various diseases, such as eating disorders. In order to do so, MAGISNAT is establishing important collaborations with leading professors and researchers from all over the world.

Alongside research, development is also essential for this innovative spin-off: MAGISNAT always seeks to evolve and grow, particularly in the medical, scientific, and cultural fields. It is important to implement medical and scientific studies, but it is equally crucial to develop and implement them, in order to create value and contribute to the social and cultural improvement.

Equally relevant is MAGISNAT’s commitment to communication activities and event organization: all this serves to strengthen and spread this reality. Through the publication of articles in various relevant media, MAGISNAT wants to make its activities and studies known not only to the medical-scientific community, but also to the general public. This can also be achieved by organizing events where relevant figures from the scientific and cultural world come together to discuss topics of global importance and carrying out meetings where researchers and professors are free to express their opinions and bring added value to ongoing researches and studies.

MAGISNAT is a fast-growing spin-off, with great opportunities. This website encapsulates all its strengths and areas of strategic importance.

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