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MAGISNAT's Spin-Off Presentation at Georgia State Capitol, Atlanta - 13th December, 2023

On December 13th, MAGISNAT presented, during a press conference hosted inside the Georgia State Capitol, six patents focused on the use of omics approaches to study major human metabolic pathways. MAGISNAT presented its “OMICS Machine” using omics testing for personalized dietary supplementation, already available in the market. Major current research focus on the oral inflammation, on investigating genes associated with lipedema, and on critical aspects like the regulation of appetite.

“I strongly believe in the potential of the US market. We found an incredible pro-business environment in the State of Georgia, and I want to thank all the people and entities which are helping us in our establishment here” said Matteo Bertelli, MAGISNAT President and CEO. “We founded MAGISNAT in order to increase our collaboration with U.S. researchers with whom we have been collaborating and publishing scientific papers for a long time”.

“Gwinnett County hosts more than 600 international and foreign companies, we want them to growth here.” said Nick Masino, Charmain of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, while Deven Cason, Vice President Economic Development Partnership Gwinnett remarked “We are here to give tools and information to the companies who believe in the potential of our County.”

Andrew Hickey from Partnership Gwinnett, Robin Bienfait and Nashlee Young from Atlanta Tech Park, EJane Caraway from the Georgia State Business Development Department also attended the press conference.

Dr. Kevin Donato, who has been appointed as MAGISNAT Deputy CEO during the last Board of Directors, explained MAGISNAT strategies for the United States.

In conclusion, MAGISNAT’s strategic settlement in the Atlanta Tech Park marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of its innovative vision rooted in omics science. The company, under the leadership of Dr. Matteo Bertelli, is poised to contribute groundbreaking advancements to the study of physiological regulatory processes, with a focus on enhancing human well-being. With its pioneering “OMICS Machine” and a portfolio of six patents, MAGISNAT demonstrates its commitment to leveraging omics methodologies for personalized dietary supplementation and addressing critical health concerns.


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