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It is now well known that the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest diet of our time. It prevents the onset of certain diseases, such as Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs), such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, and provides numerous benefits to the population.

Nevertheless, few people know that the Mediterranean diet spread to areas where the first Christian communities were born.

Moreover, the influences that Christian culture has had on the Mediterranean diet are evident.

MAGISNAT is creating a project in which insights will be made, including some regarding the origins of this diet to be linked in part to the Bible.

Numerous plants are named and described in this holy book. Among the most important are: the olive tree, pomegranate, vine, wheat, and legumes.

They all happen to be essential plants and the basis of this type of nutrition.

God created these plants for the purpose of bringing prosperity to the people.

He conveyed the importance of their cultivation, above all, their intake in daily life and the adoption of certain positive behaviors.

MAGISNAT is convinced that rediscovering the use of God-given plants and the adoption of these beneficial behaviors is a way forward. That is why it is carrying out a very important project called “To the Origins of the Mediterranean Diet.”

Use these plants, which have remarkable beneficial properties, to make food supplements that benefit consumers and, adopt these behaviors to spread a Mediterranean lifestyle, based on a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, moderate and constant physical activity and socialization.

All for the welfare of the community.

Adamo ed Eva nel paradiso terrestre - Johann Wenzel (1800-1829)

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