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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), also known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), is a severe debilitating multisystemic disease that involves nervous immune, endocrine, digestive, and skeletal systems and is associated with dysfunctions of both energy metabolism and cellular ion transport. The main symptom of CFS/ME is a persistent unexplained fatigue together with other symptoms such as cognitive dysfunctions, unrefreshing sleep, post-exertional malaise, myalgia and joint pain. CFS/ME occurs with inflammatory symptoms and is characterized by an “abnormal” immune response after physical exertion. Alterations of cell-mediated immunity, with a reduction in Natural Killer cells response and a strong increase in pro-inflammatory cytokines levels have been described in CFS/ME. Some features of the syndrome such as the “relapsing–remitting” symptoms, the higher prevalence in the women and a persistent immune activation suggest a similarity with autoimmune conditions. Gastrointestinal symptoms and cognitive impairment were also frequently observed. Recently, several studies pointed to the important role of microbiota in host health and, conversely, its contribution to disease development.

Therefore, our research group focuses on developing a multiomic test that can integrate data from different omics analyses to arrive at a targeted diagnosis. This test can process genomic, metabolomic, and microbiomic data aimed at identifying involved pathways, but also novel genes or biomarkers associated. The natural molecules, such as olive tree polyphenols, thanks to their important beneficial properties, contained in typical plants of the Mediterranean diet could modulate the pathways involved.


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