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MAGISNAT MEETING – August 29th, 2022

"MAGISNAT, Start-Up based at Atlanta Teck Park (Peachtree Corners, GA) presents its Business Plan at its quarterly meeting and aims for full success by the end of the year"

At the meeting in the last week of August, Dr. Matteo Bertelli, president of the Italian MAGI Group, a company specializing in research through OMICI approaches of eating disorders, lipedema and lymphedema, and founder of MAGISNAT, an innovative spin-off at Atlanta Tech Park in Georgia, decided to publish the Business Plan, a document that describes MAGISNAT’s business project in detail.
Specifically, this plan develops in detail the goals, strategies, business aspects, marketing activities and financial forecasts of this spin-off and makes its business idea clear and explicit.
It was necessary and of the highest importance to draft this document because it will make concrete the possibility of implementing all of MAGISNAT’s activities. This spin-off wants to apply molecular genetics and metabolomics to the study of natural molecules, polyphenols, extracted from plants typical of the Mediterranean diet. In particular, it wants to harness their diverse properties, antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal, to bring health benefits to individuals. This is also evidenced by a patent that was published in April 2022 related to a composition including α-cyclodextrin and hydroxytyrosol and/or their nutraceutically acceptable derivatives, such as salts or esters, particularly for application as a dietary supplement or medical device, alternatively as a cosmetic mouthwash or traditional herbal (botanical) medicine or food for special medical purposes.
In fact, goals were set in the Business Plan to be achieved by December 2022.
The activities started in January 2022, and it can be said that the conditions are in place to reach the end of the year with the full success of the budgeted goals.
In short, concrete and tangible proof that Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s dream of spreading, the Mediterranean lifestyle in America to bring well-being to the population, is possible and we will soon see the first fruits.


Here you can download the PDF of MAGISNAT’s Business Plan 2022/2023:


Click for the link American blog and newspaper:

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