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MAGISNAT deems that scientific development, continuous research, and innovation are very important concepts that must always be valued and reinforced.

This is why MAGISNAT, with its professional and competent staff, composed of professors and researchers from different parts of the world, has decided to meet on a weekly basis to discuss various relevant issues.

The focus is mainly on scientific research, patenting innovative inventions that will bring well-being to society and relevance to science and research, with the aim of producing and marketing them exclusively, developing the commercial side of natural molecules, and communicating and promoting projects about the Mediterranean diet.

These weekly meetings are divided into two parts. The first is about discussing corporate and business issues; whereas the second is focused on the interest in media and communication. For example, the publication of some scientific articles for the scientific community with the purpose of providing useful and interesting information about the Mediterranean diet, or the promotion of various projects and meetings.

In order to disseminate information about this healthy and tasty dietary pattern, several contacts were activated with magazines, blogs and newspapers with the aim of publishing some of this information, based on their interest.

Below are listed the names of some of the magazines, blogs, and newspapers on which the first news about MAGISNAT’s diverse activities have been published:

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