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MAGISNAT is an ever-growing and evolving spin-off, aspects that become evident from its great and ongoing efforts in scientific research and its many collaborations with professors and researchers from all over of the world.

Another important factor is MAGISNAT’s communication activity, which acts as a springboard for this reality to the outside world. In this section, we want to inform people about the events organized by MAGISNAT to spread its mission and values.

It is important for this reality to create situations that enable it to share information and medical-scientific and cultural knowledge, another aspect that is very dear to MAGISNAT. Many initiatives are planned, both to broaden knowledge about the diseases MAGISNAT is trying to fight, such as eating disorders, and to bring people to get well and overcome the diseases from which they suffer.

News about these events are published in various American media of depth, with the aim of making society informed of MAGISNAT’s innovative and developmental activities.


Here is a list of media that have published articles concerning MAGISNAT’s relevant activities:

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