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MAGISNAT, in its activities, has not only been involved in research, promotion of dietary supplements and “Direct-to-Consumer” genomic, metabolomic and microbiomic tests, and dissemination of a Mediterranean lifestyle, but is also dedicating itself to the creation of several Special Issues.
Specifically, a Special Issue is a collection of articles that focuses on a topical research area within a journal.
This provides an excellent opportunity to review a particular topic, examine previously unaddressed aspects, propose and develop new approaches, exchange perspectives, and encourage new lines of research.
For this reason, our spin-off chose this method of communication to disseminate its knowledge and relevant studies to the scientific, medical, and general world.
In the realization of these works, professors and researchers, from different parts of the world, have participated and will participate. Their contribution is essential in these projects and allows them to add value to the issues discussed in them.

Below are links to our Special Issues:

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