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MAGISNAT is not only a company that researches and promotes dietary supplements, but it also aims to address culture and lifestyle.

Dr. Matteo Bertelli, founder of this new spin-off based in Atlanta Tech Park (Peachtree Corners, GA), firmly believes that spreading knowledge about the Mediterranean lifestyle can help many people suffering from eating disorders around the world.

MAGISNAT is devoting itself to a new project, namely the creation of a new art circle called “Only Art Will Save the World”, with the aim of raising awareness and appreciation of art in today’s complex and difficult society, and to spread it as a tool to heal the rift between many people’s inner world and the external reality.

This project also includes the creation of an exhibition, entitled “Only Art Will Save the World”, to be held at MAGISNAT’s headquarters in Atlanta Tech Park in Peachtree Corners (GA), in which artists and associations from all over the world can participate.

The School of Athens - Raffaello (1509-1510) - Vatican Museums


The main focus of this project was raising awareness and appreciation of art in today’s complex and difficult society, and to spread it as a tool to heal the rift between many people’s inner world and the external reality.

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  2. Art therapy is associated with sustained improvement in cognitive function in the elderly with mild neurocognitive disorder: findings from a pilot randomized controlled trial for art therapy and music reminiscence activity versus usual care“;

  3. “Transforming pain into beauty: on art, healing, and care for the spirit“;

  4. “From Mediterranean diet to Mediterranean lifestyle: a narrative review“;

  5. “The Heideggerian view of person: a perspective conducive to the therapeutic encounter”;

*“None of the reported studies or the patent can be used to claim the properties of dietary supplements. Dietary supplements do not possess any therapeutic or preventive properties.”


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