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MAGISNAT MEETING – September 12th, 2022

"Olive Tree Polyphenols, Allies Against COVID-19 and Long Covid Syndrome"

MAGISNAT in the second week of September, decided to address in the weekly meeting the role of polyphenols from olive trees as allies against COVID-19 and against Long Covid Syndrome.
Very sensitive topic but of relevant importance.
Since 2019, the year of the pandemic onset, many studies on new therapeutic molecules have been conducted, which are essential to propose new treatment opportunities to the population.
Much scientific research has focused on the study of polyphenolic extracts of olive and olive leaves to combat COVID-19. Indeed, olives and olive leaves have been shown to contain many bioactive molecules with various anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-viral effects useful against SARS-CoV-2.
The study of the effect of polyphenols against SARS-CoV-2 begins in silico, through programs and algorithms that predict the efficacy of molecules against particular pharmacological targets, in this case the virus proteins.
Next, the studies move to in vitro, that is, in the laboratory. The previously selected molecules are tested on virus-infected cells to prove their efficacy.
Finally, molecules with promising results, for which safety is also tested, are used in clinical trials in order to prove their efficacy in preventing or fighting the disease.
MAGISNAT professors and researchers conducted market research, and among the various dietary supplements, it was found that those in the GARLIVE line are excellent as they are based on polyphenols from olive trees and for immune support health.
It is important to continue to invest in research especially in natural molecules that are proving to be really important elements in bringing well-being to society.


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