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MAGISNAT MEETING – August 15th, 2022

"MAGISNAT spin-off supports disease prevention with nutrition"

A meeting was held in the third week of August at which the importance of nutrition as a means of preventing the occurrence of certain diseases was discussed.
The Mediterranean diet is really important in promoting people’s health and well-being.
It is essential for MAGISNAT to adopt a healthy lifestyle based on a Mediterranean diet, preferring plant foods, and physical activity.

This helps prevent the occurrence of various diseases and allows people to live a peaceful and healthy life.
In this meeting, in addition to emphasizing the importance of adopting a Mediterranean lifestyle, the composition of this diet and the benefits of the foods that compose it were explained. In addition, the importance of dietary supplements as a support to the diet and to improve people’s health was discussed.
MAGISNAT with its goals aims to improve people’s health and bring well-being to society.


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